Carroll Wallace

Carroll Wallace

MYCincinnati Lead Strings Teaching Artist and Multi-Media Arts Teacher

Carroll came to the program as a volunteer, shortly after serving in the United States Peace Corps (Health) and joined the program as a Site Coordinator in 2014. In 2015 she began teaching at MYCincinnati, leading string orchestra ensembles, teaching beginner/intermediate strings, chamber groups, sectionals and providing private lessons. 


Additionally, she has worked as Parent Communications Coordinator, helped support teachers, led numerous student field trips, facilitated a featured artist residency at their annual festival, taught electives like Step Dance and Mixed Media Art & Lifestyle throughout the year and provided informal, ongoing mentoring to a number of students. 


She is a graduate of Denison University with a degree in Art, Music and English. Currently, she teaches the intermediate orchestra, sectionals, private lessons and facilitates creative opportunities for students. 

Carroll is a firm believer in interdisciplinary education and the arts as a progressive and instrumental tool in society. Her work and on-going curiosity include: Expression. Language. Informal Education. Movement Arts. Innovation. History. Politics. Ethics. Acting. Think-Tanks. History. Writing. Music. Laughing. Performance Art. Research. Film. Development. Creativity. Studying. Sports. Viola. Knowledge Exchange. Arts & Sciences. Circus Arts.The Brain & Learning. Food. Innovation and Culture. 


If you want to collaborate/create, get to know and make memories with her - don't hesitate to send an email!