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Learn about our organization's mission, history, and core values.

Our Mission

is to improve the quality of life for all residents of Price Hill using an equitable, creative, and asset-based approach to physical, civic, social, and economic development. Our programs connect residents, particularly immigrants, BIPOC, and residents with lower income or lower formal education levels, to resources, programming, neighborhood engagement opportunities, and leadership development.

Our History

Founded in 2004, Price Hill Will is a non-profit comprehensive community development corporation working to invigorate and revitalize East, West, and Lower Price HiIl. Our initiative was born from local steering committee, Price Hill W!ll, which consisted of residents, leaders, and stakeholders.

In 2000, a portion of a Community Investors Grant was allotted for the creation of a strategic plan for Price Hill. Over 2000 interviews asking residents what they value about Price Hill and what they wish to see in the neighborhood were conducted.

Neighborhood Community Action Teams identified common themes from these interviews and found that residents emphasized the importance of the arts, green space, homes, schools, churches, and diversity in Price Hill. Residents also sought out committees to build upon shared values and leadership. 

In 2005, Price Hill Will officially became an independent organization with the purpose of bringing the vision of Price Hill residents to life. In the many years since, we have successfully built community engagement, physical revitalization, and economic development programs in Price Hill. 

Our Core Values


We use an asset-based approach to community development.


We love Price Hill. In order to improve the quality of life for all residents, we focus on and support the best things about the neighborhood. 


We center racial equity in all of our work. Racial equity is a journey.

We are committed to the ongoing work of helping our staff, board, and neighbors develop tools to challenge systems and patterns of oppression.


We are accountable to our community. Our neighbors are experts in our community.

As stewards of physical, financial, and emotional resources, we look to our community for guidance on how to invest those resources. 


We use art and creativity to deepen community connections.

We invite all residents to express themselves through art. We use creativity as a tool to connect residents and build community. 

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