Taking care of family or finances doesn't have to come at the expense of your health. We strive to give the community free programs in our neighborhood that are easy to access and for beginners. 

Let’s Get Physical! is a FREE fitness series created by Price Hill Will in 2016 to foster healthy living and physical activity in the neighborhood.

2018-2019 Let’s Get Physical! Fitness Classes:

Monday YOGA at 5:00pm at The Sanctuary (2110 St. Michael Street)
Tuesday YOGA at 6:15pm at the Dunham Recreation Center (4356 Dunham Lane)
Wednesday YOGA at 6:00pm at Olden View Park (2610 Eighth St. W). Rain location is the Holy Family Preschool (3001 Price Avenue)

Saturday YOGA at 10:00am at St. Lawrence Square (3650 Warsaw Ave)
Sunday YOGA at 9:00am at Olden View Park (2610 Eighth St. W). Rain location is the Holy Family Preschool (3001 Price Avenue)

All classes are free and all skill levels are welcome!

Price Hill Will in collaboration with local non-profits, schools, and the Price Hill Rec Center currently has five community gardens for residents’ use and enjoyment. Each of our gardens gets residents out-of-doors, working together in the soil to grow fresh vegetables that they can take home to share with family and friends, improving nutrition and supplementing diets.

We also strive to create a supportive environment for hands-on learning, experimentation, observation, and life skill development around growing and eating healthy foods, maintaining a natural ecosystem, and living a healthy lifestyle. Each of our gardens offer extra opportunities for engagement, things like recipe swaps, cooking classes, language classes, arts activities or yoga. We are proud of the friendships born out of our gardens, bringing our neighbors together, building bridges between the various socio-economic and cultural groups in our community

Beech Ave Community Gardens

Location: Directly across from the Seton High School main entrance

Garden Champion: Chris Smyth 

Contact Info: or 513.379.1197

Roberts Academy

Location: 1702 Grand Avenue

Garden Champion: Kerissa Hicks

Contact Info: or 513.363.4644


Schiff Public Orchard

Location: 1098 Schiff Avenue

Orchard Champion: Chris Smyth

Contact Info: or 513.379.1197

People’s Community Garden

Location: Price Hill Rec Center, 959 Hawthorne Ave.

Garden Champion: Denise Hazel

Contact Info: or 513.251.4123


Victory Gardens at Community Matters

Location: Lower Price Hill

Garden Champion: Alicia Hildebrand

Contact Info: or 513.244.2214

Price hill Garden by Turner Farms

Location: Behind the East Price Hill library

Garden Champion: Joshua Jones

Contact Info: or 513.561.7400

BeeAttitude Garden

Location: 1026 Parkson Place

Garden Champion: Pamela Truesdell

Contact Info: or 513.561.7400