Below you will find our different programs for potential homeowners, past and present. 

We have also listed other local projects and programs in the area and in Cincinnati that may help homeowners.



The Homesteading program is a vehicle to homeownership for families that do not have access through conventional means and are willing to put in sweat equity, mitigating blight and saving homes.

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The Buy-Improve-Sell program mitigates blight and saves homes from demolition hereby elevating home values and creating more opportunities for owner-occupied properties versus rentals.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get into the Homesteading Program?

Contact Santa Maria Community Services to start the process. 513-557-2700

Can you give me some information on your first time home buyers' program?

First time home buyers can apply to our "Buy-Improve-Sell Program" or "Homesteading Program."

Do you have any homes available to buy through the Buy-Improve-Sell program?

Check out our available properties page!

Do you have any rental properties?

Not currently, but check back soon!

Do you do Section 8 housing?

Sorry, we do not.