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Homesteading Program celebrates the completion of a "Klusman Home"

On Tuesday, November 9th, Price Hill Will celebrated the completion of the 15th house in our Homesteading Program — a joint venture between Price Hill Will and Elder High School. Elder is calling it a “Klusman Home” in honor of Mark Klusman, a graduate and long-time faculty member of the school, who passed away tragically doing community service in late 2017. Among his many admirable accomplishments, Mr. Klusman often rehabbed buildings for affordable housing in OTR.

The house, located at 1113 Seton Avenue, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a vibrant purple door to represent Elder. The plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems have all been updated by Elder alumni and their companies. Elder students and faculty worked hard to bring the home up to code as part of their Life & Safety class, completing interior construction and other repairs. Now deemed a safe and stable environment to live, the newly renovated house has been matched to a beautiful family of five. After more than two years of patiently waiting, they finally have a place to call "home."


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