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National Volunteer Month!

April is National Volunteer Month and what better way to commemorate National Volunteer Month than dedicate an entire day to volunteering? Pay It Forward Price Hill will help us to do just that!

Pay It Forward Price Hill is a community-wide day of service to unify Price Hill through volunteerism and provide a helping hand to neighborhood non-profits. The non-profits include Price Hill Will, Imago, The Salvation Army Westside, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, Transformations CDC, and Community Matters. With help from Santa Maria Community Services, we will make the effort to strengthen Price Hill together.

The date is set for Saturday, April 16th; volunteer opportunities on multiple projects will be available between 9am and 4pm. Want to get involved? Go to and register to volunteer. You can even invite your friends, family, and neighbors to get involved too!

We plan on sharing stories and photos of our volunteer experience using #HelpOutTheHill and encourage you to do the same!

Want to learn more? Join in on the discussion here.


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