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The Best of DIY!

Do It Yourself Darlin successfully kicked off its first month of workshops in late April with Houses 101, Build Your Garden, and Power Tools 101! The Do It Yourself Darlin workshop schedule is available through July and includes many house-related, beginner-level do-it-yourself classes open to anyone ages 16+. All workshops are taught by local carpenters and craftspeople.

Below is a list of upcoming classes:

  1. May 19th & 26th - Houses 101

  2. May 21st & 28th - Replacing and Refinishing Interior Wood Trim

  3. June 4th & 7th - Drywall Patching and Repair

  4. June 18th - Tiling 101

  5. June 30th - How to Replace a Toilet

  6. July 7th & 9th - How to Replace a Countertop

  7. July 16th - How to Unclog a P-Trap and Replace a Sink Faucet

Visit to sign up! You can learn more about DIYD here.


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