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Jair Montiel

MYCincinnati Program Coordinator


513.251.3800 x106

Jair Montiel is the program coordinator at MYCincinnati. Being part of Price Hill Will team has allowed him to be engaged with two of his biggest passions, which are: music and community development.

Jair has discovered his second home in Cincinnati! He is originally from Colombia, father of two children, Sofia and Caleb. He has had extensive experience working with non-profit organizations that seek personal and community development in different cultures and countries.

He is also a musician, songwriter and music producer. His personal musical project is called Viraje. It is a fusion of typical Colombian and Latin rhythms with other international rhythms such as Rock and Pop.

In his free time Jair enjoys playing with his children, hiking, cooking, exercising, reading, visiting new places and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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