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MYCincinnati Now Enrolling

MYCincinnati Youth Orchestra is enrolling new students with plans to nearly DOUBLE the number of beginner musicians for the 2022-23 school year kicking off September 27th! MYCincinnati is our free, after-school music education program that offers students in Price Hill the opportunity to study an instrument and play in an orchestra. In order to enroll, students must be in grades 3-12 and either live in Price Hill, attend school in Price Hill, or have a parent or guardian who works in Price Hill (45204, 45205, and 45238 zip codes).

MYCincinnati Youth Orchestra will give your child the opportunity to make new friends who share an interest in music and have a safe space where they can be themselves. Enroll today and discover your child's passion for music!

Start the enrollment process now → Interested Students - English | MYCincinnati


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