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WACC Logo Reveal!

You read right. The time to unveil the logo for our transformative Warsaw Avenue Creative Campus (WACC) has come! WACC will be a place where youth and families learn and grow together via the arts and creative pursuits. The logo—designed by local artist, Charmaine Haggerty—represents youth and joy.

While designing the identity for WACC, it was important to have it feel welcoming and playful for families and individuals of Price Hill. The WACC logo was inspired by the elegant buildings and creative spirit of the Price Hill neighborhood.

Take a look!

Thanks to so many Price Hillians who shared their thoughts and ideas as we developed this logo to celebrate the spirit of WACC. We are so excited to witness the buildings being brought back to life and cannot wait to see them filled with families, music, food, and community life once again!

Thank you to Charmaine for her graphic design skills and the loving care she put into designing this logo for us!

I hope this logo manifests the joy and playful energy that folks will experience on this campus. Thank you to Price Hill Will and the Price Hill community for trusting me with designing this identity.

Charmaine says she looks forward to the opening of the Warsaw Avenue Creative Campus.

As do we, Charmaine! As do we.

Want to learn more about the Warsaw Avenue Creative Campus? Check out the latest news coverage from Spectrum News 1.


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