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Incline Run

Incline Run is a shared-use trail connecting the communities of Lower and East Price Hill.

Incline Run is a shared-use trail connecting the communities of Lower and East Price Hill. The 550’ long pathway was a closed section of Maryland Avenue, and in a state of disrepair for more than 30 years severing a vital physical and social connection between the neighborhoods.

In Fall 2019, the Incline Run reopened with support from the Devou Good Foundation and the City of Cincinnati. This reopening reconnected the two neighborhoods, offered a safer, calmer, more peaceful route for pedestrians and bicyclists, improved access to resources, encouraged interconnectivity among neighbors, and encouraged additional investment including the imminent installation of a Red Bike motorized bike kiosk in Lower Price Hill.

Following the reopening, Price Hill Will was awarded grants and in-kind donations from the Devou Good Foundation, the City of Cincinnati’s Safe & Clean Neighborhood Fund, the Ohio Arts Council ArtSTART grant, Home Depot Western Hills, and the Homebase Mini Neighborhood Activation grant to facilitate a series of community engagement meetings from June through September 2020 that resulted in 5 public art installations along the pathway.

In October of 2021, a celebration was held to commemorate the first batch of art installations. The pathway currently features four of the five public art projects facilitated by Price Hill Will with creative direction from resident and local Cincinnati artists. The four projects include a large mural at the South entrance, a brochure stand containing a designed brochure with a map of the area and corresponding walking route, and mosaic planters with natural, historical, and cultural references to Cincinnati lining the pathway.

Want to get involved?

Samantha Conover

Community Engagement Director 

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Tifani Winkfield

Venue and Marketing Coordinator

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