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We have been involved in many projects and plans in the Warsaw NBD. Working with the East Price Hill Business Alliance and other community members, Price Hill Will has won nearly $400,000 in funding for the Olden Recreation Area, in the middle of the Warsaw Ave. NBD. Funds went to install all new play equipment, walking paths, extensive outdoor exercise equipment, and security cameras and lighting in the once-blighted park. In partnership with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, the Port Authority, SC Ministry Foundation, the University of Cincinnati, Human Nature Landscape Architecture firm, Building Value, People’s Liberty, and Green City Resources, we have repurposed a vacant, half-acre lot in the Warsaw NBD. We have cleared out the brush that created visibility and safety problems. We have installed rain gardens and a designed streambed to handle stormwater on the steeply-sloped site. Finally, this broad partnership is installing a sculptural, outdoor percussion amenity on the site. 


Price Hill Will provided staff support in efforts to keep the Eighth & State Neighborhood Business District (NBD) listed as an “official” NBD with the City of Cincinnati. Most recently, we are a key partner in an ambitious planning process that looks to redevelop and revitalize the entire NBD. We have also partnered with Community Matters to win a Duke Energy Foundation grant for pre-development work on a key building on West 8th Street in the Lower Price Hill NBD.


We worked with Cincinnati Neighborhood Districts United (CNBDU) and the City Community and Economic Development Department to repurpose $30,000 in Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program (NBDIP) funds to complete a revitalization plan for West Price Hill’s eastern Glenway Ave. NBD.

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