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What is Community Engagement

Community Engagement is the involvement and participation of our neighbors in projects, programs, and decision-making to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, discourse, or implementation. 

Why is Community Engagement important to Price Hill Will?

We are accountable to our community. Our neighbors are experts in our community. As stewards of physical, financial, and emotional resources, we look to our community for guidance on how to invest those resources.   


We are constantly listening to and learning from our community. We are constantly cultivating authentic relationships with people. We are constantly collaborating with the community groups, area businesses, organizations and institutions; all to foster a vibrant future for the Price Hill neighborhoods. 

Price Hill Groups and Community Councils

Price Hill Arts Connection  
Second Thursday of every month  

Time: 7:00PM  
Location: Price Hill Library- 970 Purcell Ave 45205  



Price Hill Historical Society & Museum  
First Wednesday of every month  

Time: 7:00PM  
Location: Price Hill Historical Society & Museum – 3640 Warsaw Avenue 45205  



Price Hill Safety Community Action Team  
First Monday of every month  
Time: 7:00PM  
Location: District 3 Community Room – 4005 Glenway Avenue 45205  



West Price Hill Community Council
Second Tuesday of every month  
Time: 7:00PM  
Location: Dunham Recreation Center Complex – 4356 Dunham

Lane 45238  


East Price Hill Improvement Association Meeting  
Third Monday of every month  (except July & August)
Time: 6:30PM  
Location: ARCO – 3301 Price Avenue 45205   



Lower Price Hill Community Council Meeting  
First Monday of every month  
Time: 6:00PM  
Location: 2104 St. Michael St 45204 (3rd floor)  



Lower Price Hill Neighborhood Alliance of Businesses  

Fourth Wednesday of every month  

Time: 12:00PM  

Location: Virtual  


Lower Price Hill Neighborhood Action Team  

Second Thursday of every month  

Time: 4:00PM  

Location: Outerspace- 734 State Ave 45204  



Mt. Echo Park Advisory Council  

​Second Thursday of every month  

Time: 7:00PM  

Location: ARCO – 3301 Price Avenue 45205  



Join us! 

Become involved in one of the many active resident-led groups. Bring us your great idea for the community and let us help you make it a reality! 

Contact: Clare Rachwalski

Community Engagement Projects & Events Coordinator


513-251-3800, ext. 612




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