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Play BINGO, Win PRIZES June 12th - July 17th

Now through July 17th, our 20 Ways of Giving campaign - in honor of our 20th Birthday this year - will continue with an interactive Price Hill Will themed BINGO game!

To get BINGO and WIN A SMALL PRIZE, participants must complete FIVE tasks in one row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally). To get BINGO and WIN A LARGE PRIZE, participants must complete EVERY task on their card. Be one of the first few to show us your BINGO card with proof of completion for FIVE tasks and win one small or large prize.

Prizes include: PHW tote or mug, PHW t-shirt, and PHW crew neck

Ready to play? Visit! It has everything you need, including a printable PDF of the BINGO card and directions.


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