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In April of 2022, the National Park Service awarded Price Hill Will and Cincinnati Parks $34,694 in funding through the History of Equal Rights (HER) Grant for the restoration of the Potter's Field in West Price Hill. Potter’s Field is the burial site for an estimated 20,000 people. A lack of basic maintenance since 1981 has turned the site into an impenetrable tangle of invasive plant species and weeds. These conditions violate the most basic social contract to treat our fellow humans like human beings. The Potter’s Field Initiative, led by volunteer Mike Morgan, intends to bring dignity to the site and the people buried there, making historic designation a vital part of the process.


The HER Grant will help us to clear the site and thoroughly begin other preservation efforts, such as determining the location of graves, restoring monuments, replenishing healthy plant life, and completing the National Register of Historic Places application. This is only the first step in a multi-year plan to revive Potter’s Field. Eventually, the historic site will be transformed into a community asset connecting Dunham Recreation Area to Rapid Run Park.

In December 2023, Potter's Field was added to the National Register of Historic Places.



with Michael D. Morgan

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