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Rapid Run and Dunham

The Rapid Run and Dunham "Game of the Goose" art installation will connect, promote, and enhance the recreational spaces of Rapid Run Park and Dunham Recreation Complex in West Price Hill.

Rapid Run Park and Dunham Recreation Center are two great neighborhood assets in close proximity to each other that are difficult to find. This is why we worked to create a wayfinding project to address several of the communities' recommendations by utilizing art to create more equitable access to the greenspace.

The parks will be connected with a quest based on "The Game of the Goose" board game. The goal of the Game of the Goose, also known as Juego de la Oca, is to be the first player to land on the last numbered square, casilla. The game squares for the installation will be created from mosaic pieces and images designed by local artists.

The Game of the Goose is designed to be played by teams of people, so it will be a fun destination for school field trips, scout troops, birthday parties, or family reunions. There are games and activities within the game for people with less time, less years, less mobility, and/or limited access to WiFi. The game’s instructions will be made available in English and Spanish as we strive to make it equitable and accessible for the people of our community.

This project is possible thanks to funding from the Ohio Arts Council.

Want to get involved?

Samantha Conover

Community Engagement Director 

513-251-2800 x105 

Media Inquires?

Tifani Winkfield

Venue and Marketing Coordinator

513.251.3800 ex111

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