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Ashley Feist

Commercial Real Estate Director

she, her, hers

513-251-3800, ext. 102

Ashley leads several projects in Price Hill business districts – Warsaw, Glenway, State, and other commercial areas – helping match vacant storefronts to business owners, facilitating building projects, and doing anything she can to keep all Price Hill neighborhoods a great place to live, work, and visit.

Since studying Urban Geography at the University of Cincinnati and Syracuse University School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Ashley has worked at several non-profit organizations. She is particularly interested in finding new ways to build and maintain affordable housing, preserving historic buildings, and connecting neighbors to resources they can use to realize their dreams.

Outside of work hours Ashley serves on several non-profit advisory boards. She has a peculiar fondness for vacant buildings, vintage clothing, and other old, dusty things. Ashley believes that with enough care, broken things can enjoy new life.

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