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Ashley Feist

Commercial Real Estate Director


513-251-3800 x102

Ashley Feist is our Commercial Real Estate Director at Price Hill Will. She facilitates a number of projects along Price Hillian business districts along Warsaw, Glenway, and other commercial areas. She will help match vacant storefronts with business owners, keeping all Price Hill neighborhoods a great place to live, work, and visit.

Since studying Urban Geography at the University of Cincinnati and Syracuse University School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, she has worked at a number of non-profit organizations. For the past five years she has worked as a historic preservationist here in Cincinnati.

Outside of work hours Ashley serves on a number of non-profit advisory boards, runs a Community Preservation non-profit, and coordinates Cincinnati’s Historic Preservation Action Plan. She has a peculiar fondness for vacant buildings, vintage clothing and other old things. She is convinced that with enough care, even old things can enjoy new life.

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