Jay Kratz

Director of Real Estate Development


513.251.3800 ex102

Jay manages the Real Estate Development programs (both residential and otherwise) for Price Hill Will. His background is in Architecture and Design. He applies his skills set and his passion for residential design to save and redevelop the original, historic homes of Price Hill with a sensitivity to preserving original architectural detail while providing marketable, modern convenience. He also works with other social service and governmental agencies to assist families in achieving homeownership. This increases the percentage of owner occupied units in Price Hill, while saving homes from demolition, thus mitigating blight. Jay is a five year resident of East Price Hill’s Incline District where he has found a profoundly positive sense of connection to a diverse and dynamic urban community.​

Away from the office, Jay enjoys exploring all parts of the city with his daughters and friends, often following their lead for new culinary options and arts & entertainment venues. He enjoys a great local network of family and friends making many great memorable experiences together. His interests include Architecture & Design, drawing, Cartography, Meteorology, bird watching, and cinema. His best canine buddy is Theodore Roosevelt Kratz, a happy mini Goldendoodle who loves treats and walks to Mt. Echo Park.