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Tifani Winkfield

Venue & Marketing Director

she, her, hers

513-251-3800, ext. 111

Tifani is Price Hill Will's Marketing and ARCO Venue Director. In her marketing role she develops and executes physical and digital marketing campaigns that promote Price Hill Will's transformative work. As the ARCO Venue Director, Tifani manages all booking and programming at ARCO including Arts@ARCO, which provides the community with access to free arts and education opportunities. Tifani especially loves working with fellow nonprofits who participate in the Arts@ARCO programming and/or use the space to host their own events.

When not storytelling for Price Hill Will, she can be found behind the camera at her photography business Winkfield Photography, or as a local SAG actor. Declaring herself the resident nerd of the office, she will happily tell you about her roles in commercials for the Ohio Renaissance Fair or on an indie parody film about Godzilla. When she has time to relax she likes to spend it with her husband Michael and daughter Ariya, renovating their home in East Price Hill.

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