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Percussion Park Finds a New Home

Price Hill’s Percussion Park at the corner of Warsaw & McPherson Avenues is moving to ARCO! In 2017, Price Hill Will collaborated with local artist and musician, Ben Sloan, to build and install the interactive sculptural percussion park to empower residents to freely create music, while interacting with their environment in new ways. It includes a variety of unorthodox materials that provide unique percussive timbres, such as PVC tubes at varying lengths to produce different pitches, and propane tanks used to sound like steel drums. The park has been a fun and beautiful asset to the neighborhood, but the busy corner has proven not to be the best location for activating the park with good vibes (forgive the pun!). With help from an Ohio Art Council grant, the sculptures are being moved, restored, and installed around the ARCO campus so that they are easier to access.

Huge thanks to the Ohio Art Council for their support!

Be sure to visit the restored Percussion Park at ARCO this summer!


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